What Are the Leading Agriculture Equipment Products?

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What Are the Leading Agriculture Equipment Products?

Tillage is one of the oldest forms of agriculture and is considered as one of the most traditional form of farming. Tillage involves mechanical separation of the soil, which results into the production of crops. It is a simple process, which is followed from generation to generation. Tillage equipments have an important role in the entire agricultural production process.

Tillage is one of the most important tools in any type of farming and it is vital for the productivity of the farmer. The other most important type of agriculture equipment available in the market is the 4W Tiller. These are undoubtedly the most widely used farm machine in the rural farms and for their durability and functionality, they see high demand in the rural farmlands. There are various types of tillers available in the market and tillers with casing or without casing are suitable for different types of farming. So let us discuss about this interesting piece of farming equipment market value chain.

Casing Tractors: They are basically the oldest style of tillers. They are the most popular ones for their versatility and heavy-duty performance. There is no doubt that tillers with casing are more expensive than the others but they possess several key benefits over the others. The major benefit of using this equipment is its accuracy, which helps the farmers in taking precise positions on the land without affecting the crop. However, the biggest drawback is that it requires extensive watering and needs to be shifted often to get optimal position.

Plough Tractors: Another important piece of farming equipment is the plough tractor. Farmers in various parts of the world have been making use of the traditional plough tillage equipment for quite some time now and they are yet to make a comeback. The plough tractor is basically the modern version of an old style plough which has been modified for increasing yield and reducing fertilizer consumption. However, the biggest downside of using the old style plough tractor is its heavy weight that makes it unable to be used in some areas of the world where soil is too soft to support heavy equipment.

4 Wheel Lawn Tractors: These four wheel drive tractors have gained much popularity in recent years. However, their price remains high due to their rarity and lack of competition. Still, the demand for such tractors is increasing and they are slowly finding acceptance among farmers all over the world. In addition, the large capacity four wheel drive increases the productivity levels of the tractor. It has also helped farmers in increasing their production and in decreasing their expenses.

Precision Farming Equipment: This type of farming equipment has increased its demand in recent years. As the name indicates, the precision farming machinery helps the farmers in assessing and monitoring the fields in a much more precise manner. The equipments usually use laser technology for precise measurement of soil moisture and other parameters. The accuracy level of such machines is measured in terms of microns. Another major advantage of using precision farming equipment is that it helps in efficient crop growth and minimizes wastage of resources like seed, fertilizers etc.

4 Wheel Terrain Tractor Segment: This type of tractor has gained much popularity in recent years. They help in increasing the production volume at a much faster rate and at the same time minimize wastage of resources. A typical 4 wheel terrain tractor segment has been designed for light duty cultivation of almost any crop in an agricultural setting. Some examples of crops in this segment include alfalfa, broccoli, Canterbury seed, cotton, corn, deltas, peas, soybean, sugar cane, tobacco, turmeric and wheat. Unlike the old style four wheelers, the new generation equipment is designed for heavy duty cultivation of almost any crop. Thus farmers can choose from a wide range of options in this segment.

4 Wheel Weed Wacker Segment: The modern day 4 wheel weed wackers are highly advanced pieces of equipment fitted with various powerful cutting and grinding systems for the cultivation of different kinds of weeds, plants or grass. They are generally operated by hand with a pneumatic or chain driven engine. Many of them have pneumatic pressure transfer systems with optional electric, gas or diesel powered pump for additional power. The main advantage of using these machines is that they not only increase the production volume but also ensure maximum safety for the workers engaged in this occupation. It is one of the best selling types of machinery within the sales of 4 wheelers in India.