Valentine’s Day Flowers

valentines day flowers and chocolates

Valentine’s Day Flowers

Send Valentines Day flowers to India and get a real surprise. It is not difficult to get an attractive and cost effective flower delivery for Valentine’s Day – India but the only difficulty is selecting flowers from the huge choice available. It can be quite exciting, trying to find the right combination of flowers and chocolates.

You can choose from a range of floral arrangements to accompany your Valentine’s Day flowers and chocolates. Roses make a very good combination, if you know how to handle them. Select a small bunch or two of roses, wrap them carefully with a piece of tissue paper and arrange them on a tall vase or two. Vases and tall dishes look attractive when filled with greenery or even some petals of lilies.

Red roses, pink or red carnations and yellow or gold hyacinths make an interesting combination. Try them with chocolate and you will create a bouquet that your loved one will enjoy. Diamond shapes and heart shaped carnations also look attractive with the right combination of flowers and chocolates. Your local florist will have a better idea about which types of flowers are popular for Valentine’s Day. They may also be able to give you advice about the right types of flowers to order, especially if it’s going to be the first time you are sending Valentine’s Day flowers to India.

When choosing the best Valentine’s Day flowers, select something that will make her happy. The main factor should be the fragrance of the flowers. You may consider buying a bouquet of lilies as they smell good. If you are on a tight budget then you could choose some long stemmed red roses, long stemmed pink roses and short stemmed red or pink roses. Lilies are always in season and look attractive when mixed with different colored flowers. A simple rose bouquet of red roses and lilies looks very pretty.

Hawaiian orchids are also very popular for Valentine’s Day. There is a huge variety of orchids to choose from. Some of the orchids are long, stems and can be placed into a basket with a few small flowers. Orchids come in several different colors and can be arranged using several different flowers or placed individually. An unusual arrangement of green and pink orchids placed upside down is a cute and unique Valentine’s Day gift.

Another interesting Valentine’s Day flower is the Carnation. A small white Carnation looks attractive placed amongst red roses. Carnations are available in a large variety of colors including red, yellow, pink and deep orange. A small flower like the carnation can be pinned or tied around the stems of a dozen roses.