Main Types of Agriculture Equipment

type of agriculture equipment

Main Types of Agriculture Equipment

The use of agriculture equipment has become so vital to farmers, that it is now a part of the farmer’s life. It is not only used for the production of food, but in many other ways as well. This equipment helps farmers increase the yield of their crops, which in turn means more money in the farmers pockets. With this increase in production and profits comes a rise in the demand for these products. As this demand increases, farmers are now able to buy more types and sizes of equipment.

One of the most basic pieces of equipment available for sale is the tractor. In modern day agriculture, tractors and ploughs are used to take all the hard work out of cultivating the land. In earlier days, the land itself was cultivated by hand and after the crops were harvested, the farmer would use the plough to get the land ready for the next crop. For a farmer to be able to have enough time to till the soil, he would have to leave his occupation for a few days, or even a few weeks to get the job done.

This all changed with the development of the machinery that was later known as the tiller. Tiller equipment allows the farmer to till the soil without taking too much time, which in turn helps him to complete the crop faster. Since the early days of farming, when the common farmer did all the work himself, the demand for agricultural equipment has always been minimal. However with the modernization of the technology, the market for tillage equipment did not stay static, but grew exponentially as years passed by.

Another piece of equipment that is used in the production of agricultural machinery is the sprayer. There are two main types of sprayers, the internal-spraying type and external-spray type. In the internal-sprayer, the spray is emitted from a single nozzle that is mounted inside the machine. External-spray machines are more popular because they are cheaper, can reach a larger area and are easier to maintain. Irrespective of the type of machinery that is being used, there are certain components that are common in almost all types of sprayers.

The other main type of agriculture equipment is the 4W Tractor. These are the most common machine in the farmlands and due to their durability and performance, they find high demand in the farmlands. The 4W Tractor is a very useful machine that is used in tilling the soil, sowing and harvesting the crops and are indispensable tools in agricultural industry. This makes the 4W Tractors a very popular choice in the market for buying equipments.

Sumatra Alpacas are the third choice of equipment in the market for the farmers. These are also very useful machines with good performance, and this makes them the top choice in the market. However, they are quite expensive and this makes them not so popular in the market. This makes the machinery spare parts and the repair parts extremely difficult to get in case of any damage or malfunction. As compared to the 4W Tractors, the Sumatra Alpacas have a longer operating life and are quite durable and cheaper too.

Another very important type of agriculture equipment in the market is the utility tractors or the UHT’s. These are small tractors that are used in picking up the produce from the fields or vineyards, and in many cases, these are the only form of transportation for the fruits and vegetables that are needed at home. In fact, in the United States, the UHT’s are the number one product for personal consumption. With a variety of models available, the capacity of the UHT varies according to the requirements and the capacity of the user.

All the four main categories of agriculture equipment that we have discussed in this article are some of the most important tools that are required by the farmers. However, there are many other smaller and less used tools that also play an important role in the production process. For example, the hand tiller or the garden shovel is another very useful tool that is used to till the soil and it also helps in the production of the fruits and vegetables.