How to Farm in MineCraft – Start a Chicken Farm With Easy Steps

If you love creative games, you would love having a chicken farm in your game. This type of farm is easy to make and you can always return to them time again. So, you would not only save time and effort making this farm but also save a lot of energy while playing with it. Here are the instructions on how to make a chicken farm in the game of Minecraft.

The first thing that you should do is to choose which type of animal you would want your farm to be. There are two categories for you to choose from. The first one is the chicken and the second is the pig. You can raise these animals in two ways. The first way is by using an egg and the other one is by using a chick.

To start off making your own farm in the game of Minecraft, you need to go to Miasma’s farm right after you complete the cave. Inside the farm you can find a chicken coop and a couple of tools. These tools will help you to keep your chickens safe. You need to build a fence around your farm like what we see in real life. This is why we need to use fences in our farm like what we see in farms.

You also need to collect some fertilizers before you build your farm. It is better if you collect compost first because it will help you to make fertilizer later. After building your farm, the next step would be to put chicken feed and pig food in your pig and chicken cages respectively. When they are full, you can release them into their run.

The next step would be to put up a chicken run. You need to make sure that the chickens have enough space to move around. When you have finally done this, you need to collect eggs from your chickens. These can be used as food for the pigs and chickens later.

Once your farm has been completed, you should collect the eggs, feed and pigments. Then you should put up your farm again. Just make sure that it is built properly so that your farm is protected. You should make an inventory system so that you know where to find things easily. When you are just starting out with this farm, you should start with easy jobs like putting up a chicken pen, a pig pen and a rabbit farm.

Once you have finished with these easy jobs, then you should focus on bigger jobs like building a chicken coop and a piggery. You should not rush when you are learning the basics on how to farm in Minecraft. If you rush, then you might make things complicated and more complicated. You will learn by trial and error. Some people do not seem to enjoy this part of learning about the game. This is actually a good thing because you will never learn everything about the game if you simply jump straight into it without learning about the different aspects.

Once you have successfully started raising chickens, you will then be able to buy eggs from the market. Eggs are very essential in order to complete the cooking quest. You will also be able to make cash by selling eggs at the market. If you want a quick way to make money, you should invest in cows instead of chicken. Cows are not that hard to raise and they make great food for your farm.