How to Build a Chicken Farm in Minecraft

chicken farm minecraft

How to Build a Chicken Farm in Minecraft

One of the best online games to date, Minecraft is played by millions around the world. This game involves a person having to use their imagination and build anything they can dream of from scratch using Lego blocks. To get started with this game you will need to choose a type of block. There are many blocks that can be used in the game such as gravel, bricks, sand, fences and many other things. As you start playing the game, you will notice that there are many items that you will need for your farm.

The first item you will need is a bucket or a pond that will hold your chickens. Chickens lay eggs and you will want to collect them so they can hatch and produce baby chickens. You will need to build a house for your chickens where you can feed them and place a water dispenser nearby so they can get fresh water.

You should take care when you are watering your chickens because they can become sick if you do not take care of them properly. Water your farm on a regular basis but do not let it become too dry as chickens lay less eggs if the water becomes really dry. The farm is also known as your domain in the game so you should protect it from marauding mobs by building a fence around it. You should also pick up some plants before you start building your farm because you will need food for your chickens.

Once your chicken farm has been established, you should start looking for animals to raise on it. Go to a trader and buy some goats, cows, pigs, chickens and so on. Start breeding these animals and raising them up. When you have plenty of animals on your farm, then you can expand to other parts of the map.

After a while, you will want to sell off the animals that you have. You can find a trader who will buy your farm and then raise animals for you. This will make you more money so it is in your best interest to do this. Just remember to check on them periodically to see if they are still alive. If you are busy enough, you can start a new farm right next to your existing one and grow your chickens and goats there instead. This will keep you very busy since you will always have something fresh to sell.

Another way to generate income is with the mining aspects of the game. You need to build an underground tunnel to get to the higher levels of the map. At higher levels you can mine for Obsidian Fragments which can be sold for a lot of money. As you get more gold or ore you will be able to build the faster underground passages.

You might want to think about putting a fence on your farm as well. A fence will keep out the unwanted chickens. This is especially true if you have a lot of them. Your main goal is to keep them from breeding so when you do get more chickens it will be easier to manage them. When they are all mixed up, it can be hard to manage.

One of the best ways to manage your farm in minecraft is by using cows. There are several types of cows that you can breed and each of them will give you different income levels. You can get only cows or you can have a mix of both. The animals that you can breed are llamas, pigs, chickens, and bison. This makes controlling your farm rather easy. It is the perfect game for those who want to get into the farming business.