Cooking Methods

Cooking is a popular leisure activity and an important part of social life across the world. Cooking is sometimes referred to as “the other dinner” because it is often pre-arranged. Many people prepare their meals in advance and then sit down to eat them at the main mealtime of the day. Many cultures share recipes that have been passed down through generations. History often repeats itself, but it does not always repeat the same mistakes. Food cooking techniques can be traced back to ancient civilizations, and even as far back as the Stone Age.


The cuisine is a specific style of cooking generally characterized by several dishes, methods and ingredients, and generally related to a specific region or culture. Regional specialities, regional habits and ingredients frequently blend together to produce unique dishes unique to a single region. A number of cooking techniques are used in combination to produce foods unique to certain areas or time periods.

One of the most well-known cooking techniques is the oven, which has been in use since prehistoric times. Cooking over an open fire, or using a campfire as an oven, created the first foods known as oven-baked dishes. Archaeologists have discovered ovens from forty-seven thousand years ago, which predated many of the invented crockery and cooking devices that we use today. This discovery provides evidence for early man preparing food over an open fire and is believed to be the origin of oven-baked food.

Sausage cooking is one of the earliest styles of cooking developed around the world. This type of cooking relies on the natural moisture in the meat to cook the meat. Modern sous vide cooking relies on the precise temperature provided by vacuum sealing to seal the meats at exact temperatures to cook them inside out at precisely the right rate. In this method, no juices are left behind, as with most other cooking methods, resulting in very tender, delicious meats. Other moist heat cooking methods rely on slow-cooked meats cooked to perfection over an extended period of time with the addition of herbs, spices and vegetables cooked with a variety of ingredients.

Steam or hot water brought to boiling through a sieve, is one of the oldest methods used. Food cooked in this way is called balsamic. Food made this way has very rich flavors and is usually very rich in nutrients. However, it can also be sour if not properly seasoned.

Breads were created as a result of advances in technology, specifically the process of raising dough through the process of rolling. Hasty baking and quick rising was created by the early Greeks. Long before there was refrigeration or a microwave, bread was baked in the oven using a fire. Ancient Egyptians also baked foods, called “homes” in ovens, while the early Chinese used porcelain for their soups, stews and curries. These foods became the basis of most of today’s culinary techniques, as well as being the foundation for many of our food preparations and foods that we enjoy today.