1800 Flowers From the Leading Flower Delivery Services

1800 flowers

1800 Flowers From the Leading Flower Delivery Services

1800 flowers is a discount flower delivery service that specializes in sending affordable, unique flowers to loved ones all over the world. The business was started in 2001 by Karen Lewis, who wanted to start a company that gave customers a great selection of high quality, fresh flowers at affordable prices. Since then, they have expanded their business to include a large variety of other items such as scented bath and body products, home items, furniture, stationery, cookware and much more. 1800 flowers uses both regular and organic flowers, making sure to use only the freshest flowers available. They are one of the few discount flower companies that sell only top quality, fresh flowers. Each arrangement is hand-picked and arranged with love and care so you know your gift will be put on display.

This company offers many different discount flower delivery services besides their famous discount floral gifts. They offer: local florists, local express mail, and overnight express shipping. Local florists means that you can send your special flower arrangements to local florists instead of having them sit in a warehouse for weeks or months. This helps save money, because they don’t have to provide a large scale delivery and they don’t have to pay for extra insurance on the flowers that are sent.

Express shipping takes just two days, but many local florists may take up to three days. Overnight express shipping is usually available, but expect to have to call in five days or more to get an appointment. Local express mail generally takes just a few days. Because of this, many people still prefer to order 1800 flowers through local florists.

In addition to the above mentioned options, same-day flower delivery services can also ship to Canada. While this service is available in all fifty states, it is most commonly found in the upper Midwest, lower northeast, and upper southwest. This gives those living in these regions access to international floral arrangements. Many of these same-day flower delivery services will also ship nationwide to Canada, which means that anyone with an address in Canada can send flowers to the United States of America.

This is just one of the services that 1800 flowers companies provide. All of these various services will help send flowers wherever you live to your loved ones. This means that you can send beautiful arrangements to your loved ones in Germany, Canada, England, Spain, Italy, Russia, Japan, Brazil, France, and many other countries. These flower delivery services make sending flowers to the entire world as easy and affordable as possible, while giving you the freedom to send the same-day flower arrangement to any location in the united states.

These are the services that the 1800 flowers companies have to offer. The best part about these services is that they are able to deliver flowers anywhere in the united states for a reasonable cost. Whether you live in Texas, or you live in Spain, you can send flowers to your loved ones from the leading florists in the United States by using the international flower delivery services.