Kiteley Farms

Raspberry season is during the summer and that’s the time to enjoy fresh you pick raspberries. You can pick your own raspberries or we can pick them for you. Come out and enjoy the farm on a warm summer day. We have early and late raspberries for an extended season of farm fresh locally grown berries. Our raspberry season usually begins the second or third week of July and lasts into August. We also offer a fall variety of red raspberries which helps those who may have missed the summer season. There’s nothing like walking down the grassy path of a row of red raspberries that are ripe, and ready to eat. After looking for these treasures you can’t wait to get them home so you can eat the bounty of savoring each jewel as you pop them into your mouth.

Raspberry  jam is loved by all who are lucky enough to have jam made right from farm to canning jar. You can make easy freezer raspberry  jam, or go with the cooked raspberry jam version. Raspberry jelly is also wonderful, and is wonderful for those who cannot eat seeds.